why we do it

We work across a range of Primary and Secondary schools in Brighton and Hove. The children are referred to us via welfare officers, Special Education Needs Coordinators and teachers.

These children are extremely vulnerable due to family circumstances and financial hardship. They tend to fly under the radar at school and have difficulty focusing, with low confidence, poor self-esteem, mental health problems, disruptive behaviour, friendship problems and issues with authority. 

Due to poverty and circumstance they have limited access to resources and opportunities.

Children need support with understanding their emotions. Studies have indicated that 20% of children have psychological issues of some form[1] and that 70% of these children can be helped through psychological based therapies such as play, creative arts and drama.

By practising effective communication and engagement we are able to form trust, develop self-respect, build resilience and confidence while challenging thinking and belief systems to enable the child to break the perpetual cycle of under achievement.

By taking this proactive role and affecting their ideology we provide the foundations for them to develop their sense of ambition and realise their potential.

[1] I.e: Rutter, Cox et al (1975); Venebales (1983); Jeffers & Fitzgerald (1991) and Porteous (1991)