We founded Mondays Child UK as a charitable organisation to work with and support vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.


Our Mission

Our solution focused ethos aims to empower each child to find their own resolutions to the problems that challenge them, encouraging responsibility and ownership of choices whilst developing mental well-being and resilience.

I think it will effect my life because it will make a big difference as they have done a lot for us since the start of year 6. They have helped us with a lot of things that we would never have guessed. It’s so fun it will be a shame as Thursdays were the best day of school.
— Year 6 Participant

what we do

Running early intervention groups organised through schools, we develop the children's self-belief and self-respect. Providing a safe and nurturing environment we address issues with confidence and low self-esteem by helping them recognise their value and importance within a collaborative team. With a consistent emphasis on their strengths, we raise aspirations and provide the motivation to help break the cycle of negative and disruptive behaviours. We help our young people understand that life is bigger than the limited options they believe they have and ultimately effect a larger movement of positive social change.