Building confidence through theatre and the arts

Vulnerable children need support with understanding their emotions.  Through theatre and creative arts we facilitate, listen and encourage – the young people develop their own resilience, confidence and potential.

A theatre-format cultivates a team culture.  Putting on a play requires commitment and dedication from everyone, and so promotes teamwork and responsibility, enabling our young people to build positive social connections with their peers.

‘It was interesting to see how much you could learn to bond because I’m not that good at bonding.’ (K, aged 10)

We provide our young people with alternative choices showing them that life is bigger than the limited options they believe they have, as a result of their background and experiences.  We listen to the children and they broaden their skills and develop new strengths.

‘He has higher expectations of himself that he strives to meet.’ (Teacher, year 5)

With a consistent emphasis on their strengths, we raise aspirations and provide the motivation to help break the cycle of negative behaviours and influence positive social change.  We create an environment where children feel protected and safe. We provide our children with a sense of belonging where they can engage and have fun in a peer group setting.  By encouraging teamwork, the children have the opportunity to find their identity within a group.

‘I learned to control my anger and to be a better friend. I wish it could go on forever.’ (child D – aged 11).